: One of the producers of the HISTORY CHANNEL show Man Vs Wild had to be rushed to the hospital - after being but by a "Fer-de-lance" or "Velvet" snake - one of the most DANGEROUS SNAKES IN THE WORLD.

Here is what happened acording to the UK's Daily Mail:

Steve Rankin, who has worked with Grylls as a producer on Man vs Wild, was in Costa Rica scouting locations for the upcoming Discovery show Naked and Afraid when the reptile attacked.

'As I was traversing through some deep jungle, I was bitten on the foot by a Fer-de-Lance.

'It was under a fallen tree as I climbed over. Fer de Lance known to be aggressive and it just zapped me in the foot through my boot.

'It's one of the deadliest snakes in the world
and the fangs went right through my boot,' Rankin recalled.

The producer was rushed to two-miles on a makeshift stretchers by his fellow crew members and then airlifted to a hospital in San Jose.

But despite treatment of antibiotics and antivenom medications, the wound grew infected.

'About 5 days later the flesh in my foot had started to rot,' Rankin told TMZ.

Medical crew in Costa Rica had to remove a large piece of skin and Rankin was then rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles where he received skin grafts.

He is now making a remarkable recovery.

To see the pics of what happened to his leg, click here

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