: If you thought that Love And Hip Hop couldn't get any more scandalous . . . OOOOOH IT'S ABOUT TO!!! You see MediaTakeOut.com just got word that THIS SEASON - it's going to be revealed that part of the reason why MIMI and JOSELINE don't really get along . . . is that the ladies were involved in a POLY-AMOROUS relationship with EACH OTHER . . . as well as with Stevie J.

According to a TOP Love And Hip Hop snitch - Joseline and MiMi were IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER . .. and the two were IN LOVE WITH STEVIE J. The insider explains, "Everyone loved everyone, they all had sex with each other, and it was all good."

It wasn't until Stevie started spending time with Joseline AWAY from MiMi that it became a PROBLEM. The insider added, "I think that MiMi loves Joseline almost as much as she loves Stevie. It's a very MESSY situation."

All the VERY MESSY DETAILS of the couple's BIZARRE POLYAMOROUS relationship will be revealed LATER THIS SEASON - on Love And Hip Hop.

Man . .. this TOO MUCH!!

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