MTO WORDLWIDE MEGA-EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna’s Appears To Have DUMPED CHRIS BROWN . . . For A GIRL!! (Pics Of Rih And Her MASCULINE New GF Inside)

: We've been hearing ALL KINDS OF RUMORS about Rihanna getting it POPPIN with just about everything that BREATHES . . . but THIS rumor shocked us.

You see Rihanna was hanging HEAVY with a Miami woman - an open lesbian - during her last stop in Florida. Rih and the chick kicked it in the tour bus, and in the clubs. And they even took pics with Rihanna sitting on the girls lap making the P*ZZY LICK FACE.

Well if you think that sounds FISHY . . . peep the girl's TWEETS - talking about how she can't WAIT to see Rih again . . . how she misses how Rih SMELLS . . . and how she jokes about whether people should tell if the "PH*CK A CELEBRITY." Something is DEFINITELY poppin off between them two.

We knew that Rihanna was into chicks. But we thought she liked the FEMININE TYPES . . . oh well . . . do YOU Mama!!!


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