SWINGERS!!! Rapper FUTURE And Ciara Pick Up A SKRIPPER At The CLUB . . . And Take Her BACK TO THE HOTEL . . . And We Got PICS!!! (Ciara’s A FREAK . . . And U AIN’T E’EN KNO IT)

: MediaTakeOut.com just got word that R&B singer Ciara . . .and her new RAPPER boyfriend FUTURE like to add some SPICE into their bedroom. And by SPICE . . . we mean a KING OF DIAMONDS SKRIPPER!!!

MediaTakeout.com spoke with a ROCK SOLID KOD SNITCH #anotherskripper# who dished all the dirt. According to our snitch, Ciara and Future were in KOD (Miami's TOP gentleman's club) for a performance and then it all popped off.

The insider explained, "Ciara and [Future] spent $50K tipping a bunch of strippers . . . and they both seemed to like one light girl with a VERY BIG BUTT." And so when it was time to leave . . . the pair dropped another $5K on the girl . . and asked her to come back to their room for a "private show". We were asked not to disclose her identity #teamnosnitch# but she's in the pics.

Another insider explained, "they discreetly took one of the 'treasures' back to their Hotel for a private show."

And while no one knows EXACTLY what went on behind closed doors . . . it must have been good. Because we CONFIRMED that Ciara and Future missed their SCHEDULED flight the next morning.

LOL . . . Ciara you get down like THAT???? And we AIN'T E'EN KNOW IT!!!

To see all the FREAK PICS - click here

Photo credit: VVK PHOTO and King Of Diamonds Miami.

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