: MediaTakeOut.com just got some VERY INTERESTING TEA about one of the stars of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta. We just got word from a VERY RELIABLE snitch - that R&B singer K Michelle is now living a GAY LIFESTYLE - with her female lover - and Atlanta woman named Sabrina.

Sabrina is a successful Atlanta business owner and a beautiful woman. But she's also known as the former girlfriend to former Atlanta kingpin BIG MEECH.

Anyways, ever since NBA superstar JR Smith SMUTTED OUT K Michelle - she's gotten a bad taste in her mouth over men. And Sabrina was UNHAPPY with MEN also - so it was a perfect match. Here's what Sabrina said in a recent interview when asked what it was like dating after Big Meech:

It's wack. You got a man with big body parts, big money, big shine, then you see these other dudes, they got ok-sized body parts, ok-sized money, ok-sized shine. [laughter] At the end of the day, those things are attractive. The level of respect and power he had was an attractive thing. He's a hard act to follow.

You got all these n*ggas out here who want to be him or be like him. You got one dude in your bed and your main dude on The History Channel, your heart, and your mind. You go to the club, you hear, 'I think I'm Big Meech,' and the dude you with dancing to the song. [laughter] It's a hard act to follow.

So the two ladies - being SICK OF MEN - decided to comfort each other . . . and began an EXCLUSIVE lesbian relationship.

But that relationship may have to hold on for a few. You see Sabrina will be going to PRISON in a few days. What happened? Well she ALLEGEDLY slashed up some chick. Here's what is reported to have happened:

[Sabrina] ALLEGEDLY slashed up the girl who was babysitting for her. Sabrina had loaned the girl her car so that she could go get her nails done and it took too long. K. Michelle was there when it all went down too. Sabrina called the girl asking 'where the f**k her car was' and the girl told her she was getting her nails done just like she told her.

When she got back with the car, Sabrina ran out of the house swinging on her [SOMEHOW THE GIRL GOT CUT #teamnosnitch#]. The police had to become involved when the girl went to the hospital because she wouldn't stop bleeding and they told Sabrina to turn herself in. She was on the run for a while but eventually she did

Anyways we wish K Michelle and Sabrina the best . . . they make a CUTE COUPLE!!!

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