: The NFL is about to get a WHOLE LOT MORE MESSY!!

MediaTakeOut.com learned that an Atlanta man is currently SHOPPING AROUND video footage of WHAT WE ARE TOLD is a CURRENT and ACTIVE player on the Miami Dolphins - having RELATIONS with a man.

The video, which is being shopped around by the players MUCH YOUNGER boyfriend, shows the two men engaged in a very intimate encounter. But here's the CRAZY part . . . the boyfriend was supposedly UNDERAGE when the cell phone video was taken.

We did not LOOK at the video (that would be a crime) but someone that HAS LOOKED AT IT - told us that it appeared LEGIT. Since the video contains a person possibly committing a CRIMINAL content - we NOT the one gonna SNITCH ON THE PLAYER. But TRUST us . . . this story is about to drop like KA-BOOM!!!

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