: NeNe Leakes just ANNOUNCED that her and husband Greg are getting a REALITY SPIN-OFF SHOW . . . to showcase their upcoming SECOND MARRIAGE together. But there are a few people that are NOT IN FAVOR of this union.

According to a TOP MTO SNITCH, NeNe and Greg's relationship was NOT a big ole FAIRYTALE like NeNe makes it out to be. You see when Greg met NeNe he was MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. That's right y'all, Greg - the married real estate exec was going to STRIP CLUBS after work, when he got ENAMORED by a young SKRIPPER named NeNe.

The couple had a LONG TERM AFFAIR - which led Greg to eventually LEAVE HIS WIFE AND KIDS BEHIND - and getting with NeNe.

But NeNe had a few surprises in store for her though. You see, our snitch explains, "Greg PRETENDED to NeNe like he had all this money. But it turns out that Greg's WIFE AT THE TIME was the one who was the bread winner. So after Greg left his wife, he had to MOVE INTO Nene's apartment."

Dang . . . we HATE US a CHEATER. But that was a long time ago . . . so we GUESS we can KINDA forgive Greg.

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