: For those of you guys that DON'T watch Married To The Medicine it was GOOD last week. One of the ladies named Mariah is married to a doctor and threw him a BLACK TIE AFFAIR for his birthday.

Well ANOTHER one of the ladies, Toya, got into it when Toya started gossiping about the paternity of Mariah’s daughter at event, whispering that the child was adopted. It turns out that Mariah's daughter WSA ADOPTED, but Mariah and her husband had NEVER disclosed this family secret with their daughter.

Instead of getting to tell their child the news on their own terms, Mariah and her family were subject to having their private business aired on TV. Here is what Mariah had to say about it on her blog, “The sad truth of the matter is, Toya could not find anything else to criticize, so she decided to hit me way below the belt . . . She and Eugene knew that was the one thing in my life they could use to make me uncomfortable.”

So Mariah beat Toya like she STOLE SOMETHING - popped her in the face with her purse and ER'RYTHING.

But here is the kicker. We're told that BRAVO EXECS staged the whole thing. THEY are the ones who told Toya that Mariah's daughter was ADOPTED. And THE PRODUCERS told Toya to go around and gossip about it.

That made for good TV . . . but that is really FOUL. Are ratings THAT important to MESS UP a Child's life??

Anyways - for those that MISSED IT - here is the fight. And mind you - both of these ladies are REAL MILLIONAIRES:

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