BREAKING NEWS: Rev Run’s Son JOJO Simmons Gets CAUGHT SLIPPIN’ . . . He Gets KIDNAPPED By New York GOONS!!! (Details And PICS)

: Remember a few weeks ago when we told you that Rev Run's son JoJo did a DISS TRACK on Juelz Santana. Well . . . that PROBABLY wasn't a good idea.

Cause yesterday, one of Juelz' homies caught Jojo SLIPPIN' at a gas station and put the PRESSURE on him. JoJo was forced to get on his phone - call up Juelz to PROFUSELY apologize for making that track. No word if anything ELSE happened to JoJo . . . but the streets say that NO CRIME was committed against him.

Juelz' boys then took PICS of the incident and posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

Let that be a LESSON to Jojo - you really ain't ABOUT DAT LIFE - so stop rapping about it. Cause these streets are NOTHING TO PLAY WITH!!!

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