: This week FORBES MAGAZINE claimed that Diddy is the WEALTHIEST RAPPER in the world - worth more than $500M. Well that's not what his CREDIT REPORT SAYS.

Hackers released Diddy's credit report earlier this week, and it showed some CRAZY ISH (so we hear). Here is what his credit report showed:

-Diddy is more than 90 days late on a home equity loan – and he has been this late for the past 3 years!!

-One of Diddy’s homes was FORECLOSED upon – for $622K

-One of his AMEX Black cards was sent into COLLECTIONS late last year.

-Diddy likes to floss, he once owed $1.8MILLION – in credit card expenses.

What he FREAK is up with that . . . we ain't never heard of no one THAT RICH getting their home FORECLOSED!!!

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