: MediaTakeOut.com has some EXPLOSIVE NEWS about what is GOING TO HAPPENon the upcoming season of Love And Hip Hop. And it just happened THE OTHER NIGHT!!!

OK here's what we know. On THIS season of Love And Hip Hop, MiMi will be featured with her new boyfriend, an upcoming R&B singer named Niko. Well apparently Stevie doesn't like the fact that MiMi has ANOTHER MAN.

So two nights ago, while at Niko's video premiere party in Atlanta, Stevie J showed up and PULLED MiMi aside. Stevie PROFESSED HIS UNDYING LOVE to MiMi - and gave her a Cartier watch. Yes, we're talking about the SAME Stevie J who is STILL f*cking Joseline and OTHERS.

Well MiMi seemed to be going for STEVIE'S GAME when Niko stepped in and started CALLING MIMI OUT HER NAME for even listening to Stevie's mess. Note - Niko did NOT step to Stevie who was HOLLA'ING AT HIS GIRL right in front of him tho.

Then it got real RATCHET - with Niko and MiMi SCREAMING AT EACH OTHER in the middle of the club. At the end, Niko called MiMi "DAMAGED GOODS" and told her to GO with Stevie if she wanted to.

Mimi, being the DUMMY that she is . . . left the club with Stevie.

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