: We are sorry to have to bring you this MESS on Easter Sunday but . . . . a new report tells us that Kanye West plans on naming his child "KHRIST" . . . and in Christ with a Kardashian "K."

Here is the report, via Radar Online:

A new report claims that a different frontrunner for the Kimye baby has emerged — Khrist. As in, “Christ with a K,” according to Naughty But Nice Rob.

“Kanye likes the name Khrist,” an insider says. The source is also smart to point out that Kanye has a new single coming out titled, “I Am a God,” so blasphemy isn’t really an obstacle for him: “I know it is shocking, but let’s remember that this is a guy that is naming his new CD, ‘I Am A God.’ So it makes perfect sense that the child of a god would be named Christ with a K.”

Yes, you heard that right. In addition to naming his child "Khrist", his new album is entitled "I Am God."

Lets say a special prayer for him today y'all. Cause the man needs JESUS!!!

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