: YOOOOOOOO . . . the housewives drama just KEEPS getting more and more interesting. Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com BROKE THE NEWS that Kordell Stewart was DIVORCING his wife Porsha. And it looks like Kordell may ALREADY be ready to move on.

According to a ROCK SOLID MediaTakeOut.com snitch, Kordell has been spending time with his son and his son's mother Tania. And not just ANY time . . . QUALITY TIME. An anonymous MTOer claims that Tania and Kordell attended CHURCH together on Sunday - just two days after Kordell filed to DIVORCE Porsha.

And Tania should be FAMILIAR TO Y'ALL . . . she was on the Atlanta Housewives TOO. She showed up two seasons ago - as Sheree's best friend. But Tania STOPPED showing up on the show when Kordell insisted that it was a BAD LOOK for their son, to have their mother on TV looking RATCHET. Tania and Kordell have remained CLOSE friends throughout his marriage.

Now our source can't say FOR CERTAIN that the two of them are back together. But they told MediaTakeOut.com, "They looked very comfortable."

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