: MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY broke the news two days ago that Joe Budden and Consequence GOT INTO IT at the Love And Hip Hop REUNION show. Well now we've got some EVEN CRAZIER NEWS!!!

According to Consequence, during the scuffle - Joe LOST HIS PHONE, and Cons picked it up. And here's where it gets CRAZY, Consequence says he got text messages between Joe and some dude named DERRICK, and they sound like LOVERS. Here's what Cons told NYs Angie Martinez on Hot 97 yesterday:

CONSEQUENCE: There's somebody named Derrick [texting Joe Bodden] and Derrick is basically saying 'Don't do anything stupid, we're hanging on by a thin thread. Ima come see you after the reunion. I love you and I miss you.'

And I guess [Joe Budden] must have told Derrick, 'Hey why don't you come to London, Wednesday.'

ANGIE: What? What are you saying?

CONSEQUENCE: And then there's emoticons of an engagement ring and a baby. . . . Here's what I'm saying, we live in New York and it's 2013

ANGIE: This is crazy. I feel like [Love And Hip Hop producer] Mona Scott is on the party line. I feel like we're shooting a show right now.

CONSEQUENCE: Nah Nah Nah . . . I was so DISGUSTED [reading those apparently GAY love texts] that I broke the phone. Just threw it, and broke it. But I still got proof. Don't get it twisted.

I am not going to lie, I don't know if Derrick is a man, but Joe's got some 'splaining to do

Wow . . . this season of Love And Hip Hop was BORING . . . until they started up with THIS!!!

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