: Filimg of the Love And Hip Hop NY reunion yesterday was CRAZY. Rapper Joe Budden and Consequence have been BEEFING for some time. It all started when CONS went on Power 105.1's Morning Show talking GREAZY about Joe a month ago.

Th enext day, Joe CONFRONTED CONS while taping an interview at NY's Hot 97 radio station. And Consequence appeared to BACK DOWN.

Well yesterday was the FIRST TIME they've seen each other since . . . and it WENT DOWN. First off, during a break in the the taping, Consequence reportedly RAN UP on Joe BACKSTAGE and SNUCK HIM - slapping him in the face. Joe was NOT able to retaliate, but his ON-AGAIN-OFF-AGAIN GF Tahiry managed to get a few LICKS on Consequence.

Well a few hours later - JOE GOT HIS REVENGE. After filming of the reunion show ended - Joe and one of his boys TURN'T UP on Consequence - in the middle of a NYC street. Joe and his man caught Cons leaving the taping and PUT HANDS AND FEETS on him. Luckily for Consequence SECURITY was there to stop things from getting too out of control.

MediaTakeOut.com previewed a video that showed CONS getting knocked off his feet. He's then HELPED UP bu security guards - but he was VERY WOOZY, and could barely stand.

Expect the video to hit the web in 10 - 9 - 8 - 7 . . .

Here it is:

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