: The hackers just EXPOSED Kim Kardashian's MOTHER's finances. According to what we HEAR that they're saying on that site (we DID NOT got to that site, and recommend that you DO NOT either):

Bank of America Loan Debt - $ 150,403 (Car loan)

2nd Bank of America Loan Debt - $ 82,203 (Car loan)

3rd Bank of America Loan Debt - $ 100,671 (Car loan)

BMW Finances Debt - $ 226,788 (Car loan)

US Bank Retail Lease Debt - $ 83,391 (Car lease - the $83K is how much is owed in LEASE payments)

V.W. Bank Loan Debt - $ 175,654

Auto Lease Debt - $ 25,286


US Bank Loan - $ 30,387

Neiman Marcus Debt - $ 85,780 (Has $200,000 Credit Limit)

Well Fargos Credit Card #1 - $ 17,876

Well Fargos Credit Card #2 - $ 24,701 ($27,000 Credit Limit)


And they say that the financial records show that Kris had been pulling EQUITY out of their home for many years, until finally paying off the mortgage in 2011.

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