: Kim Kardashian is supposed to be VERY RICH - and maybe she is . . . but her finances are looking REAL SHAKY. A group of Russian hackers hacket her CREDIT REPORT and put it online. And it showed that Kim's LOS ANGELES MANSION was mortgaged to the hills, that she owed $26K a month in mortgage payments, $2K a month in her car note, and had just $10K in her bank accounts.

The credit report showed that Kim has a $5.6M mortgage on her Los Angeles home. But Kim paid only $4.8M on the home. This suggests that Kim pocketed some of the EQUITY IN THE HOUSE for herself. The result however, is that Kim has to pay $26K a month in mortgage payments. YIKES!!

In addition, to that Kim has to pay $2K a month in car payments for her new G63 Mercedes SUV.

And just in case you're wondering - one credit report showed that Kim had only $10K in her account. Don't get us wrong $10K is a lot of money . . .. but not if you got a BIG AZZ MORTGAGE LIKE THAT.

Expect Kim and her peeps to do DAMAGE CONTROL later on today. When they do, you can choose to believe KIM KARDASHIAN . . . or you can choose to believe her EQUIFAX CREDIT REPORT - it's up to you. You know what they say . . . it ain't ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEMS. . . .

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