: Remmeber last month when a woman named CHANDREA NICHOLLS had Rich Dollarz ARRESTED for failure to pay child support. Well word on the street is that she's being INVESTIGATED for FRAUD - and possibly MORE!!!

According to a person IN THE KNOW, Chandra is said to have FALSIFIED documents - so that her 23 year old "husband" McKenzy Sewell could attend HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN, and play High School basketball. Tells our snitch, "She presented herself as his guardian stating that he was a wayward child whose mother is a crack head. She presented phony documents stating that he was Louisiana which included a phony transcript and birth certificate."

The school allowed her husband IN TO SCHOOL - where he played basketball. McKenzy managed to play on the team, although he only scored 4 points ALL YEAR, until he was DISCOVERED. How did they FIND OUT ABOUT HIM ? Well MediaTakeOut.com learned that CHAUNDREA snitched on him - when she suspected that her husband was having an INAPPROPRIATE relationship with a 17 year old high school girl.

But the story gets even MORE scandalous. One of the basketball team's assistant coaches, Coach Jimmy McClain was mysteriously and BRUTALLY murdered just a few days before McKenzy's fraud was discovered. And family and friends are PUSHING police to see whether Coach McClain was MURDERED because he found out about McKenzy's fraud. As an FYI, police say that McKenzy is a former GANG MEMBER who still has TIES TO THE STREETS!!!

This story is already BIG NEWS in Memphis - but NO ONE has the inside scoop like MediaTakeOut.com. Anyone who uses information in this report without crediting us is a PLAGIARIST - and we will NEVER link to any of your stories if you STEAL from us.

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