: The ratchetness on next season of Love And Hip Hop is going to reach FEVERISH LEVELS. Yesterday MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY reported to you that K Michelle SLAPPED FIRE out of MiMi backstage ata NY concert.

But there's MORE to the story. We spoke to a producer FROM THE SHOW who told us that LAST WEEK - MiMi's new boyfriend Niko PUT HANDS on K Michelle. The insider explained, "K Michelle was invited to [Nikko's] video set. They got into an argument over some silliness and Nikko put hands on K Michelle. He mushed her face and K Michelle almost fell down. Security grabbed him and stopped him before things got worse. It looked like he was going to put hands and feet on K Michelle."

We're told that after the incident MiMi sided with HER BF over K Michelle.

Producers are now trying to decide HOW MUCH of the fight they will air on next season of Love And Hip Hop.

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