: MediaTakeOut.com got pics of NFL superstar Cam Newton - with is new GF "Hazel." Hazel and Cam are pretty SERIOUS about each other, the pair have been dating for more than a year.

So how did they meet? Well Hazel used to be a SKRIPPER at the popular DC area club STADIUM (Some of y'all DC MTOers may know her . . . TALENTS). Well Cam was SMITTEN by the young lady and convinced her with $$ that she should give up the life of dancing and be a "Vixen" instead.

We're happy for Hazel and Cam. But CAM . . . don't act all SENSITIVE in 5 years when Lil Wayne gets mad at the NFL and makes a YOUTUBE VIDEO bragging about SMASHING HER. You know what you're getting into . . .

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