: MediaTakeOut.com just got the news from a ROCK SOLID SOURCE that Chris Brown is prepared to propose to MARRY Rihanna tonight - at a midnight dinner in Hawaii which will be attended by Rihanna's mother and father, and tons of her friends and cousins. Also at the dinner tonight will be Chris Brown's mother .

According to our insider, Chris already ASKED RIHANNA'S MOTHER AND FATHER for PERMISSION to propose to their daughter - and we're told that they HAPPILY AGREED. And the rock . . .. well MediaTakeOut.com's snitch tells us that the diamond is a 10 CARAT rock, worth an estimated $3.5MILLION.

Here's the thing though. We'r told that Rihanna has NO IDEA that the proposal will happen tonight. She knows that everyone is in Hawaii to celebrate her birthday, and she knows about the midnight dinner, but she has NO IDEA that she'll be engaged by tomorrow!!!

Gee we hope she doesn't read MTO today . . . ;)

BTW, when the news breaks - it'll be EVERYWHERE. But don't forget where you heard it FIRST - on MediaTakeOut.com!!!

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