: We've been waiting for WEEKS for what was deemed here at the MTO offices . . . "Beyonce Night." The night where Beyonce opens up her personal life to the public - through a personal documentary and an interview with Oprah.

And we were VERY disappointed.

First the interview with Oprah was EMBARRASSING. We have never seen Oprah act more like a STAN in our lives. She just GUSHED over Beyonce and never gt DEEP with the questioning. When they got to the topic of Bey FIRING her dad . . . we thought Oprah was gonna bring out all the JUICY DETAILS . . . but she didn't. How can you HAVE Beyonce on your couch, talking about her relationship with her father - and NOT ASK about his cheating and knocking up his JUMPOFF????

Anyways onto the HBO special. We thought it was a very nice, well produced COMMERCIAL for Bey's upcoming concerts. The doc was about 90 minutes - and about 80 of the was footage from Beyonce concerts. There were some "real" scenes of Beyonce's life, but they all looked staged.

There were however THREE things that we got from the doc. One Beyonce is TRULY A WORLD CLASS BEAUTY. She was often without makeup, and she was FLAWLESSLY beautiful.

Second, the best part of the movie was when BLUE came out. That baby is SPECIAL. She has ALL of her mama's looks, and she just OOZES cuteness.

And lastly - Beyonce really must have some ANIMOSITY towards her father. Beyonce really didn't let you in on ANY part of her life. The footage with Jay looked STAGED, and so did the footage with her employees and family. But the ONE PART of her life where she felt the need to REALLY EXPOSE is her relationship with her dad.

It was probably the most INTERESTING part of the film, when we saw Bey talk about her DAD. We here at MediaTakeOut.com actually have a pretty GOOD relationship with Bey's dad - and we can tell you that the man is THE REASON that Bey is where she is. And that he also LOVES his little girl to death. He's DEFINITELY not perfect, but it's really surprising that Bey would TOSS THE MAN under the bus like that.

Oh, and Mathew did NOT attend the premiere of Bey's film in NYC.

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