: MediaTakeOut.com got its hands on a SCANNER RADIO from when the police had Christopher Dorner cornered in the cabin in San Bernadino CA. We've TRANSCRIBED what happened from about 25 minutes in - that's when you hear police CONFESS to starting the fire:

7 burners deployed we've got a fire

Ammunition exploding inside of the cabin

Do we have fire back there yet

2 and 4 got fire moving on

Unit(?) any propane tanks visible?

Sniper on the back side

Do you want fire squad to put water on it when the roof starts giving in?

Negative, still have 2 sides vulnerable

2 [cars?] not engulfed yet

How's that fire doing on the west side?

Taking a long time this thing's well constructed

61 Lincoln, you ready for fire?

Don't have adequate penetration on 2-3 yet

Hold the perimeter until 61 Lincoln makes the call, then mop up with fire

(corner)3-4 fully engulfed


Do these cabins have [buildup?] areas?

Confirmed this cabin has a basement

I'm gonna let this fire self-contain and burn down to the basement

Rosa, clear the adjacent buildings

Make sure the garages are clear too, use force if necessary


Rosa's clearing adjacent buildings, Unit #? moving in as we speak

WOW . . . you KNEW the police couldn't take him ALIVE . . . he had TOO MUCH to say.

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