: You KNEW that when Keyshia went in on Michelle from Destiny's Child . . . that there was SOMETHING behind it all. Well it NOW appears that the reason for Keyshia's SHORT FUSE . . . was that she's having MARRIAGE problems.

Keyshia took to Twitter two days ago and appeared to PUT HER HUSBAND ON BLAST - suggesting that he was UNFAITHFUL with some "ho". Well her husband is now FIRING BACK on Twitter.

Last night, Daniel Tweeted out that he can't trust "anyone." He also talked about how in th elast few years he's "suffered" cried "tears" and now he finally "remembers" who he is.

Wow sounds like a DIVORCE is around the corner. But these two are SO IMMATURE. You mean to tell us that the two of you LIVE TOGETHER . . . but have to AIR OUT your fights on Twitter. How messy . .

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