: MediaTakeOut.com learned that last week, a top BBW pornostar named Scarlett Rouge was charged with SECOND DEGREE murder . . . when she stabbed her live in boyfriend in the chest.

Here is how it's being reported, by the Buffalo News:

Jennifer Marchant, 23, whom authorities said acted in adult movies and also worked as a bill collector, later was charged with second-degree murk. She was accused of k!lling Ralph Stone, the 24-year-old man she was living with at the Oliver Street apartment, where the police were summoned.

Sylvester was the first officer on the scene, and after putting Stone down, he took off his coat and put pressure on the wound, while at the same time scanning the room, trying to remain safe himself, Police Chief Randy D. Szukala said in describing the intensity of the scene at about 10:30 p.m. Officer Robert Frank, who was close behind Sylvester, entered the apartment and removed Marchant from inside the bathroom, taking her to another room as Sylvester attempted to save her boyfriend’s life.

Though details are limited as to why the couple had been arguing, police sources said Marchant claimed she was acting in self-defense when she used a 6- to 8-inch-long kitchen knife to st@b Stone in the area of his left collarbone.

Pics courtesy of Plumperpass.com

To see SCARLET ROUGE in action . . . click here

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