: Here are the full list of charges that Mandecees has been charged with by the State Of New Jersey. The charges (at least in part) stem from an ALLEGED inappropriate relationship with his stepdaughter.

If he's convicted he faces 20 years to life in prison. We're still in America, so he's presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty.

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:34-1B(2) PROMOTING PROSTITUTION

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-3B CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONTACT

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2A(2) AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2C(3)(C) SEX ASLT/BY FOSTER PARENT/GARDIAN VIC 16/18 YRS OLD

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:24-4A ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILDREN

10-2434 01/30/2013 2C:14-2C(4) SEXUAL ASSAULT

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