: On Thursday night at Los Angeles' famous PLAYHOUSE . . . IT WENT DOWN . . . Rihanna finally CONFRONTED Karrueche.

Here's how it all POPPED OFF. Karrueche was having a party at the LA hotspot to celebrate the cover of Rolling Out Magazine. Se was expecting to have a fun time with some friends and industry folk.

But at around 12AM, we're told . . . RIHANNA showed up in the club - and went DIRECTLY to the VIP where she sat across from Karrueche.

The insider explained, "It was really TACKY for Rihanna to show up, but I guess she wanted to do something."

And do something she did. Because MediaTakeOut.com's snitch claims that after about 5 minutes, Rihanna walked over to Karrueche - and STEPPED TO HER. The insider explained, "Rihanna didn't yell or act beligerant or anything, she just said, 'So you wanna TURN UP rice cakes." (Rihanna calls Kae rice cakes).

The insider added, "We were all stunned that Rihanna was so bold. Karrueche just turned away and tried to ignore her. Rihanna's friend [Melissa] was just there laughing."

In the end our snitch claims that Rihanna eventually WALKED AWAY from Karrueche, and left the club.

But here's the INTERESTING PART. We're told that despite BOTH his chicks being in the same club . . . on the same night . . . Chris Brown was NOT there.

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