: MediaTakeOut.com just got wind of a report being aired on AllHipHop.com. They claim that a "mid level" 1990s East Coast rapper is bein accused of RAPING multiple men.

Here is how the rapper DOES HIS DIRT:

He finds an unsuspecting fan that swoons over him and his music, which at times can be quite classic. He then proceeds to let the fan hang out with him all day and night like they are just so cool and all that. The fan is just happy to be there and finds it amazing that he’s hanging out with one of his favorite rappers from the 90′s.

Then, at the end of the night, when the fan is all slizzard from drinking and whatever else, BAM. I hear the rapper straight rapes the dude jail house style.

One incident, I heard occurred in the back of a big a$$, white limo. In that case, the rapper DARED the heterosexual man to go and say something. He then, gives him some amount of money for his troubles (or his backside) and sends the butthurt fan on his way.

So why not tell, you ask? Well because they say rapper dude is HEAVY IN THE THESE SKREETS!!

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