: MediaTakeOut.com can OFFICIALLY report that on New Years . . . NeNe Leakes got ENGAGED to her ex-husband Gregg Leakes. While the two were LEGALLY DIVORCED two years ago - they stayed close, with many believing that the two never "actually" split.

But be that as it may, we're told that Greg has SETTLED most of his DEBTS and is now virtually DEBT FREE. And with he and NeNe's relationship being better than ever - NeNe took him back.

Oh . . . and BTW, we're told that the "spontaneous proposal" was actually FILMED by Bravo cameras and WILL be shown on this season's Atlanta Housewives. And get this. NeNe and Greg are working on getting a spinoff "wedding show" on Bravo too.

The FRAUDULENTNESS of this whole mess is SICKENING. But we can't hate on NeNe's GRIND!!

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