: Bravo is taking FAKENESS to new levels on this season of the Atlanta Housewives. According to a person CLOSE TO PRODUCTION, the producers of the Atlanta Housewives offered Kenya Moore's on-screen boyfriend Walter a package worth approximately $500K . . . if he would marry Kenya ON CAMERA.

The insider, who asked to remain ANONYMOUS explained, "Bravo offered to pay for the wedding, and to sign a multi year contract with him to be on the show. All in, it was going to be about $500,000.00."

But it gets better - our snitch tells us that the producers used Cynthia's husband PETER - to deliver the deal to Walter. The insider explained, "Peter told Walter about the deal. Peter was the perfect person to bring it to [Walter] because he can explain how much he's profited by marrying Cynthia on camera."

So what did Walter say? The snitch explained to MediaTakeOut.com, "Walter said 'No' and then he quit the show. You'll see in a few episodes he's going to mysteriously disappear." Water is independently wealthy, as he runs one of the BIGGEST towing companies in Atlanta.

Wow . . . Bravo is now BUYING husbands for these ladies. LOL!!!

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