: Weve been waiting for a long time ot say this . . . Ice T is officially married to a skripper. MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVELY learned that CoCo is working as a "burlesque" dancer in a Las Vegas club, Planet Hollywood.

And by BURLESQUE dancer, we mean that she he takes of her BRA and pants - and leaves only a TEENY g-string. Then she twerks on stage in her thong . . . and gives men LAP DANCES.

It was even REVIEWED by a local paper. Here's what vegasdeluxe.com is reporting.

When co-star Josh Strickland led Coco back onstage in a shortened nightgown, even he was amazed as she stripped it off to reveal a sparkling bra and panties. “This girl can dance!” he exclaimed. On cue, Coco showed off her skills and assets as her bra came flying off. In the burlesque dance number, she wore the briefest of G-strings to perform the splits. The audience gasped and went wild.

They also got hot and bothered when she writhed wet and wild near the bathtub for the water acrobatic scene. Another bra came off for her finale with Cheaza and Josh, and she had no problem using the white boa to accentuate her amazing proportions even more.

LOL at the author trying to make it all CLASSY and BURLESQUE. The chick took of her BRA, was twerking on stage in a thong . . . and gave LAP DANCES.

To see pics of Coco doing what she do . . . click here

. . .

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