MTO WORLD EXCUSIVE; We Have MORE Dirt On The GOODY-TWO-SHOES Atlanta Housewife PORSHA . . . She Used To Be A BOOTY MODEL!! (Pics)

: OK . . . now you all KNOW that we hae nothing against booty models. But when they get WIFED UP . . . go on TV .. .and act like they're SOME KINDA ARISTOCRAT . . . that's when we HAVE A PROBLEM.

And it appears that's EXACTLY what housewife Porsha Stewart is doing. Ms Prim-and-proper has QUITE A PAST. Last week we EXPOSED that she was a video model . . . in the video for a very EXPLICIT Trillville song.

Now we got word that she posed for the popular Atlanta Dymes calendar. She was gyrating on the beach in a bikini in one of the shoots.


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