: When NBA superstar James Harden signed onto his new five-year, $80 million contract with the Houston Rockets - skrippers across the country SWOOPED INTO HOUSTON - to get a piece of that contract.

But MediaTakeOut.com learned that ONE SPECIAL LADY - video vixen Jenna Shea - is getting a substantial piece of James' contract. According to a TOP MTO SNITCH, James pays Jenna $20K a day for her err . . . COMPANY.

The insider, who spoke to MediaTakeOut.com exclusively explained, "He flies her into town on his private jet, gives her and her friends courtside seats . . . and then they [HANG OUT] for the day. That costs $20K CASH plus expenses."

Sounds a little EXPENSIVE if you ask us . .. but hey, he's GOT IT!!!

To see the UNCENSORED pics, click here

. ..

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