: MediaTakeout.com learned that a few days ago, a BRUTAL fight broke out between Dorion and R&B singer Jeremih at the LA hot spot Supperclub.

According to the streets, Dorion had some kind of problem with Jeremih and asked him to CATCH A FADE outside. Bad move. Jeremih reportedly popped him in the face and then began stomping him out. And we're told that once Dorion was on the ground . . . Jeremih's people got in and gave Dorion some FOOT ACTION too.

According to our snitch, Dorion started BEGGING FOR HIS LIFE . . . and eventually Jeremih and his peep got tried and left him on the side of the road.

The below pics are the result of the BRUTAL BEATING that Dorion suffered. It's not clear if Dorion plans on taking any LEGAL ACTION against Jeremih.

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