: WOOOO CHILE we just got a little bit of tea . . . from one of our aunties in Atlanta. According to our snitch, Kenya Moore from the Atlanta Housewives was a "close friend" to Atlanta native NBA baller Alen Iverson.

MediaTakeOut.com spoke with MULTIPLE sources who tell us that Alen and Kenya ARE frends and have been for many years. But the question is . . . was she one of his MISTRESSES???

Well one very WELL TRAVELED Atlanta woman thinks that it's likely that Kenya was. While the snitch can't say for certain that Kenya was one of Allen's jumps, the snitch explained, "In the 90s Allen was 'community d*ck' around these parts. Everyone was f*cking him. If [Kenya] was around him like that and wasn't f*cking him, then she's about as rare as a unicorn."

LOL. We wonder Alen is the one who bought her body parts for her . . .

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