: MediaTakeOut.com just learned that a KILLING took place in Atlanta yesterday. 37 year old Kia Yvette Jeffries shot her husband of 14 years one time in the heart, killing him. Kia's husband was a former-professional boxer named Ernest "M16" Mateen, who held the light heavyweight and crusierweight championships.

Kia is FAMOUS too. She sang a number of R&B songs in the 1990s. But she's most famous for singing the hook on Akinyele's underground hit song "Put It In Your Mouth"

Here's what we know, Ernest rolled up to the Extended Stay Deluxe motel in Duluth, GA when he learned that his wife and "a friend" were staying there. We're told by a person in the know that when Ernest arrived at the motel looking for Kia, he CONFRONTED her. It's not clear whether Kia's "friend" was there when it all popped off. But Kia told police that she managed to pull the gun out of her nearly 200 pound husbands hands - and shoot him in the heart.

In the initial report, police claim that Kia shot her husband in self defense. One detective saying, “They determined that Abdul-Mateen used a handgun to hit Jeffries repeatedly, until he was exhausted . . . At that point, Jeffries managed to turn the gun on Abdul-Mateen and pull the trigger.”

Sad story all around. For now, we're gonna have to ride with Kia though just like the police. But this whole story sounds a little off.

This is a MediaTakeOut.com EXCLUSIVE report. Any news organization that reports this without giving us credit is committing PLAGIARISM. If you STEAL this report, we will NEVER link to ANY of your articles again.

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