: MediaTakeOut.com just got on GOOD SOURCE that R&B singer Ciara just learned that she's PREGNANT . . . and reports are that rapper 50 Cent is her babys father.

Ciara, who we're told is set to make a MAJOR SPLASH in the next few months, found out about her pregnancy over the weekend. The insider tells MediaTakeOut.com, "She's always loved [50 Cent. I think 50 loves her too, but he's playing that macho rapper." The snitch continued, "Ciara wasn't expecting a baby, but she's happy that she's having one with [50 Cent, the only man she's ever loved."

We have to say CONGRATS to 50 and Cira. We know that 50's a GREAT dad with his son, and we're sure that Ci-Ci will be a great mom too. And ummm . . . he got that LOOOOONG child support paper.

Now the bigger question is . . . . will there be a WEDDING before the baby????


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