OOOOOOH SNAPPITY SNAP!!! Lookie Who Is Gonna Be On TJ Holmes’ BET SHOW Tonight!!!!

: Tonight on BET's Don't Sleep With TJ Holmes - if gonna be OFF THE HOOK. Aside from watching TJ and his FINE SELF . . . you get to see the FABULOUS Melissa Harris Perry, some conservative Tea Party dude, and . . . DRUMROLL PLEASE .. .

Our very own Fred Mwangaguhunga. Should be FUN!!! It's on BET 11PM tonight!!!

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Good for you Fred baby...

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Love how no one gives a rats ass LML comments of crickets

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So is Fred gonna explain how and why this site has sunk to such low depths over the years? Probably not. Oh yeah, I forgot...yawn....

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WHY is he up there? He obviously gives less than a Sh*t about Black folks. Leave it to BET to give him a Platform. Ignorance.

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Well..........Guess it will make for good convo. I like the lady, Melissa. Maybe she will go in on Fred, like she did those conservatives previously. Anyway - TJ Holmes is gorgeous. I started tuning in to CNN on Saturday mornings, simply because he was on. If he would have moved to BET was still blackowned, I probably would have supported the move. I don't know if this was a come up or not.........

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Lookin like a damn goofball... @ToyaNHerDamnEgo


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as always, don't sleep was a great show tonight! however, i must say i was surprise to see Fred is black. I listen to him on Warren Ballentine and always thought he was white. now, i believe tj was being nice tonight as always with fred and not expresssing true feelings and instead laughed the stupidity off. after hearing u took the time to find naked pics of Michelle or Pres. Obama and presenting it as presidential coverage is insulting to those of us who really care about this election and the future of this country. i don't know which is worse mto spreading naked pics of the president by a man of color or the President being called a liar on the house floor, referred to as a monkey, a boy, retard etc. by other races. tj was insinuating that just because brittney spears twat is all over national news as a visual doesn't mean we should show ours. seriously, fred? u think because they show theirs we should show ours. i admit i have been a fan of the site but never knew ur reasoning behind it definitely didn't no u were disrespecting the Pres. what tj wanted to say is, as a race, community and culture we are and have always been better than filth and should be the example setters not the trashy followers. also, present some articles, comments news to stimulate our minds not shake our heads in pity all day. I'm done with mto until some serious positive changes are made!

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Crazy Money!!!

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i watch this nonsense & all i got to say is ......U slaves stay loving up Africans & claiming ppl who clearly DON'T CLAIM U. This man sat in a chair & had no excuse as to why he can't respect his so called African America ppl . U slow N the heads allow Ur self to B used by all nations & U love the hell out of everybody but Ur self............Africans come to this country & they don't move in the ghetto......they go find themselves a mixed neighborhood to live N..............This African don't even think enough of U ppl to claim U...........thats why he is using U.....just like Esau.......& the other nations use U.............Ur here to B a slave to all nations & that all U want to B...........But Ur so Damn blind to the fact that Ur a slave.................Africans sold the children of Israel to the Arabs first but as soon as U see a African U think this man/women is Ur brother..............U deserve to B treated like sh*t............God told us to love our own ppl............U Retards love everyone but your own let me tell U what no African will ever tell U...............THEY HATE YOU..........THEY DON'T CLAIM U AS THERE PPL.............& YOUR NOTHING BUT A COTTON PICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THEM U SILLY SLAVES.

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BET isn't Black owned so no surprise here

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Damnnnn Lookin @ T.J then lookin @ fred makes him look like those starving kids in africa

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Fred has frog face. This dude will post anything on his site to not go back to starving in the jungle.

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I KNEW this site was NOT black owned so this FRED guy is from AFRICA that explains everything he painstakingly and continues to show african american women in the worst light possible blatantly ignores the successes and good about african american women. This guy and his minions seek to destroy and exacerbate the black community. He is NOT a friend.