: MediaTakeOut.com just got some BREAKING NEWS - last night, Chris Brown and Rihanna recorded a new track together . . . and it's RAUNCHY.

According to a top snitch, close to the situation, tells us that last night Chris and Rih recorded a portion of a new Dance Track that the couple is making together. But here's where it gets interesting.

At one portion of the track, Chris and Rihanna moan . . . and simulate having s*x. But while recording, Rih and Chris couldn't get comfortable and so they made a few changes. Tells the insider, "Rihanna kept laughing and Chris couldn't get comfortable . . . so they asked everyone to leave the studio while they recorded that bit."

The new couple was in the booth BY THEMSELVES, with only a sound engineer watching. And we're told that the two actually GOT IT POPPIN IN THE BOOTH - to ensure that the moans sounded real.

AHHH . .. young love!!

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