: MediaTakeOut.com just received some EARTH SHATTERING NEWS. According to a person CLOSE TO CHRIS Brown, Chris set up a MEETING yesterday at his Hollywood Hills home - with RIHANNA AND KARRUECHE!!!

The meeting, we're told, was to set the TERMS and the MANNER in which Chris will spend time with EACH WOMAN. Tells the insider, "Chris waned to make sure that no one would feel disrespected or upset if he was with the other. Rihanna seemed to be cool with everything because I'm not sure that she wants anything serious with [Chris]. Karrueche is the one I don't understand."

So what SPECIFICALLY were the three talking about? MTOs snitch explains, "They basically negotiated over d*ck. You know who gets t see [Chris] where and when."

Wow . . . Chris Brown is a BOSS if he can make this work. That's some ole Diddy/Stevie J type ish!!!

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