: Editor's Update: Some people are saying that man "kissing" Lil Wayne is not Stevie J from Love And Hip Hop, but a different Stevie J.

Now we're not sure WHAT we're looking at here. Maybe they just got close . . . maybe it's an accident . . . but the maker of video claims it shows rapper Lil Wayne and Stevie J kissing.

The video, which appeared on YouTube yesterday shows Stevie walk over to Wayne, the two get very close (and possibly touch lips). Afterwards Lil Wayne appears to wipe his mouth with his hand.

Look at it for yourself, and tell us what YOU think.

EDITORS UPDATE: Stevie J from Love and Hip Hop spoke this morning with Chicago's TO RATED WGCI Tony Scuffeld and The Morning Riot. And here's how that went.

EDITORS UPDATE 2: Stevie J says that it's not him in the video:

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