: When MediaTakeOut.com told you that rapper 50 cent and mogul Diddy got into a FIGHT at the BET Hip Hop Awards - some of y'all ain't believe it . . . but now we have PHOTOS!!!

MediaTakeOut.com exclusively obtained pics that show EXACTLY how serious it got between Diddy and Fif.

Here's what happened. Diddy and 50 started cracking jokes BACK AND FORTH - in a friendly way. But at some point, 50 started getting UPSET. His jokes went from PLAYFUL . .. to DISRESPECTFUL. Fifty eventually got so RILED UP . . . that he called Diddy a "b*tch."

Then it really GOT POPPIN!!! As the photos show, 50 then put up his hands . . . and threatened to PUT PAWS ON DIDDY. We're told that Diddy started trying to TALK HIS WAY OUT . . . but it didn't work . . . and that 50 was THISCLOSE to popping Diddy in his lip.

We're also told . . . and the photos show . . . that Diddy had REAL FEAR IN HIS EYES.

Eventually 50 calmed himself down when he saw cameras . . . and allowed Diddy to pass without PUTTING THE BEATS ON HIM.

Hip hop's BULLY is back in business . . . rappers better WATCH OUT FOR 50!!!

Photos to come . . .

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