: MediaTakeOut.com as told you FOR WEEKS that Beyonce has been GOING OUT OF HER WAY to keep away from BEYONCE. Well we can OFFICIALLY REPORT that Beyonce has SUCCUMB to the pressure, being applied to her by Kim, Kanye, and her husband JAY Z.

Beyonce is set to BRING OUT KIM KARDASHIAN at her Atlantic City concert this weekend.

According to a TOP MediaTakeOut.com insider close to Beyonce's camp. Jay Z has been PUSHING Beyonce to embrace a "friendship" with Kim Kardashian. The insider explained, "They feel that it could help add a little spark to Beyonce's career . . . she's not been selling records or [concert] tickets like she used to."

But the insider tells, Beyonce has been RELUCTANT to allow a person like KIM in her life, fearing that it could cause UPHEAVAL.

Well we can officially CONFIRM that Bey has relented.Not only will she be HANGING with Kim this weekend, but MediaTakeOut.com can EXCLUSIVELY report that Kim will be "brought out on stage."

Well Bey, we hope you know what you're doing . . .

Oh and BTW, we're sure some of you are DOUBTING our report. Well we have evidence. Peep below, at Kim's "appearance" in Atlantic City this Sunday. Coincidence???

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