: This week's Star magazine is making some VERY SALACIOUS claims about actor Will Smith and his "longtime friend", fellow actor Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell's husband.

Here is an excerpt:

As his marriage crumbles, Will, 43, is finding comfort in Duane. "Will spends significantly more time with Duane than he does with Jada and the kids," an insider says. "And as time goes by, Jada is growing more upset by it."

And more:

Will and Duane's closer-than-close relationship has raised eyebrows in the past, with some even speculating that the two are lovers. But both refuse to dignify that assertion by commenting. Says Duane, 46, "I'm not going to defend myself against a gay rumor."

Still, Will and Duane's friendship is only putting more strain on Will's broken relationship with Jada, according to sources.

Jada, 40, "can't stand Will's relationship with Duane," and insider says. "She feels like Will flaunts it in her face . . . taking him on exotic vacations while she's sitting home alone."

Did you hear that CRASHING noise . that was us FALLING THE F*CK OUT!!!

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