BALLIN OUTTA CONTROL!!! NFL Baller Cam Newton Threw $100,000 At Strippers Last Night At KING OF DIAMONDS!!!

: spoke with MULTIPLE skrippers at Miami's KING OF DIAMONDS gentleman's club . . and they had a NIGHT TO REMEMBER last night.

We're told that NFL players Vernon Davis (SF 49ers) and Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers) were in town FLOODING THE PLACE.

According to one dancer the duo started off slow, throwing off stacks of singles at the ladies. But then Cam took things to the NEXT LEVEL!!! Cam asked the owner for 100 RACKS - in 20s 50s and hundreds. And started flooding the dancefloor with bills.

And it nearly started a RIOT - we're told girls were running out of the back, to pick up the money on stage!!! Oh and we're told that Cam's QUARTERBACK arm is strong. He reportedly tossed a stack of bills halfway across the STADIUM SIZE strip club. Pics to come . . .

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