: MediaTakeOut.com has got a hold of some more pics of Paris Hilton and the man mainstream gossip is calling her 'trainer.' A very reliable source tells us that Paris' trainer, whose name is actually Jack Warshaw, is definitely smashing that.

And one of MediaTakeOut.com's faithful readers, Info Nympho, has more info on Trainer Jack. Apparently she was getting slayed by the buff trainer a couple of months back. Here's what she had to say:

The picture of the guy with Paris Hilton that you recently posted, I know him all too well. I used to 'deal' with him. In fact, every pretty girl from West Palm Beach to California used to 'deal' with him. He is a model from West Palm Beach, Fl. He loves being in the public eye so I'm sure he'll love the fact that his name is on a gossip website! He actually goes by many names. His real name is Jack Warshaw. However at the time he was in my life, his name was "DeQuan". I recently discovered he now uses the name "Jacobe". Yes, he is sexy as hell, but a womanizer. Him and Paris would be perfect together. He can give her good [EXPLETIVE] (trust me I know), and she can buy him all the expensive things he wants!

Sounds like a match made in heaven. But Jack, just make sure Paris is up to date on her Valtrex. Real talk...


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