MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Juelz Santana’s BABYS MOMS Confesses To F*CKING Another NEW YORK RAPPER!! (Find Out WHO Inside)!!!

: just got an ULTRA EXCLUSIVE tidbit of information. We spoke with someone who worked on the upcoming season of the VH1 show Love & Hip Hop . . . and this season is CUH-RAAAZY!!!!

According to our insider, in one episode Emily throws a PARTY - to celebrate finally ENDING THINGS with her longtime boyfriend/babys father FABOLOUS.

Well during the party, Kimbella (who is Juelz Santana's babys mother - and a new castmember) gets drunk and blurts out something to the effect of, "It's about time you left Fab, I've been messing with him for years."

YES . . . that scandalous chick said it ON CAMERA!! Needless to say, the party was cut short, because Emily and Kim started FIGHTING, and Chrissy jumped in to HELP Emily!!! It ended when Emily PUNCHED Kim dead in her FACE (And we ain't talking no Tami-Meeka ish either, more like FLOYD MAYWEATHER)

DAYUMMMM that's f*cked up . . .wonder what JUELZ has to say about this. His babys moms is one SCANDALOUS chick . . .

Oh, and FYI - we got a feeling that LOVE AND HIP HOP is gonna be our FAVORITE show on television . . .

Members of the press are REQUIRED to credit for this EXCLUSIVE report


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