Last Night’s BET Awards Were The WORST EVER . . . See Pics . . . And Our Take On ALL THE RATCHETNESS!!!

: We had HIGH HOPES going into last night's BET awards ... but pretty soon, we knew it was gonna be a MESS!!

There is just too much to talk about. First off, where were all the STARS???? How can you have a legitimate awards show without Kanye, Rihanna, Jay Z, or Beyonce (in person). Aside from Nicki, Drake and Lil Wayne there wasn't any A-LIST musicians there.

Second, WTF was Justin Bieber doing there. We almost had to TURN OFF the TV when we saw that mess. And speaking of publicity stunts, HOW THE F*CK did Will's kids "tie" for best new artist. You knew the awards were a JOKE when they did that ish.

There were some good parts like Kelly and Trey Songz performance, the tribute to Patti LaBelle, the Five Heartbeats reunion, and Kevin Hart was pretty funny (he was actually the highlight of the show).

Probably the biggest DISASTER was Chris Brown. Last night was supposed to be his big BREAKOUT night . . . and all his performances were WHACK. . .. all 50 of them!!!

Oh but they saved the BEST for last. BET f*cked up and accidentally announced RIHANNA as the winner of the People's Choice Award. Then later they told the audience that they made a mistake . . . and gave it to Breezy. That's the kind of RATCHETNES that you don't expect . . . not EVEN FROM BET !!!


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