Actor Richard T Jones . . . From WHY DID I GET MARRIED . . . Gives The WORST EVER Graduation Speech!!! (It’s Actually HARD To Watch)

: Actor Richard T Jones gave the COMMENCEMENT SPEECH at the University Of Maryland-University College this weekend. And he did such an ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE job . . . it had us wondering . . . is he ON SOMETHING????

It started off badly when he took to the podium and said the following:

Wow! I had this great speech ready for you guys and then you put me behind a bunch of doctors. You put an actor…behind a bunch of doctors…and then they said everything I wanted to say so I figure I’ll keep talking until I say something.

had such great analogies. I had such great quotes…And every one was used already. I’m glad I looked up a word called improv because that is what is going to happen here.

And it all went DOWNHILL from there when he TRIED to sound INTELLIGENT . . . . but was just rambling on - saying COMPLETE GIBBERISH!!!

OK, we have a few questions. First of all WHY would they get HIM to be a graduation speaker. We barely even know dude's name. Second . . . no there is no second . . . why the F*CK you get HIM as a speaker.

For those of you BRAVE enough to watch this, check it out below. We warn you, it's TOUGH to get through without feeling UTTERLY EMBARRASSED for him . . . and all the Black students in the audience:


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