Black Woman Who Was GANG RAPED By KKK Members Gets An Apology . . . 68 YEARS LATER!!!



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Black women need to understand that at one time they weren't protected and as a result do better about respecting themselves.

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I am angry as hell. To many young and middle age Black people have gotten comfortable and forgot what White people did to Black people.

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This is a travesty. This is why African Americans can't forget the crimes that were and still being done to us. The KKK are cowards, this is why they don't march in any of the MAJOR cities in the US. Cuz they would get their AZZES handed to them.

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apology not good enough for what they put this woman thru

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fucc them with there heads. SMH @ MTO for placing a interacial dating site add on this story. ^^^^^Afro-Romance^^^^^

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An apology definitely isn't enough. Won't heal the wounds of that black woman or any of the others who were abused and harassed on a regular basis. Black girls and women definitely need to know our history with these Devils. Many of them still harbor those thoughts about black women. And we need to always be aware of this and respect ourselves. That's why I'll never willingly lay down with one of them. NOT ME !!!

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@ Doctor T, You are 100% correct my brother!!! That was a terrible situation for her, and the only thing they want to give her is an apology!!! I swear, our race is getting softer and softer each generation!!!

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What good is a f*cking apology gonna do?! That's like the "supposed" 9/11 hijackers apologizing for 9/11(even though we should all know the attacks were U.S. authorized and conducted). It doesn't matter how many Muslims and Arabs apologize for 9/11 they're still being hunted down by the U.S. Black people should have that same mind frame. If someone does you wrong, why wait for an apology. Take 'em down and make them pay with their lives. Unfortunately a lot of White men responsible for their disgusting treatment of Blacks back in that unfortunate era are still alive and breating. Living comfortably and still practicing blatant racism. A lot of these same men should've been hunted down and murdered for their crimes or giving life imprisonment. F*ck their age and state of wellness, it's still not to late to lock their old racist, rapist asses up!

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Fuck an Apology give her some money for her troubles. This is some bullshit and they know it. If this is all you were planning on doing you should have left it alone.

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OMG Can you imagine if BM had history of kidnapping then raping WW and not serving any jail time?! White Americans would make sure we remember all these events each day. It's funny how they try to sweep all this under the rug and paint BM as the monsters. But deep down inside, they know who the real monsters are even if they have to keep lying to themselves.